FancyLax is the only company in Poland and one of few in the world which produces salmon leather products. Products of the brand are based on projects and innovative technology developed by the originator and founder of FancyLax - Agnieszka Boleslawska-Wenta.

Special products, standing out and catching the eye, are created in the workshop. Elegant business card case, luxury jewelry, splendid cigarette case, sophisticated key ring, elegant smartphone case, or exclusive mirror are just some of the FancyLax offers.

After years of tests, we have proudly introduced to the market products made from natural salmon leather, which form a modern line of luxury goods, which are the extension of the ecological ideology.

"From the sea of forms, colors and shapes we fish out what is worth noticing and taking."

This story could only begin by the seaside. My childhood moved on carelessly in Ustka, in step of crashing waves of the sea. It defined me, once and now - the sea came to me not only with its gifts, it also gave me inspiration. My brand has started just there - it is a combination of indomitable and known for ages force of nature with a modern approach to the act of creation and paying attention to details. I care about perfect and original creation, so I always focus on details. I have learnt from experience that creating a beautiful thing is not difficult, but the point is that this thing should be different from others.

Unique dressing of leather technology and products from FancyLax are the only such a solution on the Polish market. It took me many years to find a way how to make salmon skin be a material which would meet my expectations. At present, technologies used to create our leather make it possible to acquire almost any color, thickness and texture. Salmon leather feels pleasant to the touch, is strong and depending on preparation can be flexible or stiff.

The FancyLax brand offers products in which I cut out manually salmon skins, process them, and use to create the final result of the best quality. It should be emphasized that salmon skin is the part of the raw material, which is not used in Polish, and also very often in the world market. By creating the FancyLax brand, my ambition was to make not only a luxurious product, but also the one which is made in accordance with ecological idea. That is why, for the benefit of the environment, all salmon skins from which FancyLax products are made use secondary raw material and, in addition, are made without the use of chemicals.

Refinement of the form and detail and taking care of ecological ideology make the FancyLax brand mean luxury and uniqueness worth appreciation.